Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is it Spring Break yet?

I have to say I'm ready for Spring Break to arrive. I'm actually looking forward to having a week without any evening activities. It sounds selfish I know but we have activities every day of the week (and that includes going to church on Sunday). Let's see Monday nights - Phil has his Masters class and Kayla has gymnastics (translated long night for the boys and me). Tuesday night -I teach religious ed (exhausting in and of itself) and Kayla has her religious ed class (translated long night for the boys and Phil). Wednesday night - Kayla has children's choir at church and Phil has adult choir at church (another LOOOOOOOOOOONG night). Thursday night - Logan (and Phil) have Tigers Rookie tball practice. Every other Friday night Kayla has Girl Scouts. Every Saturday Logan (and Phil) have tball games. Then Sunday it's church and the week starts over again. I think I'm ready to have a home cooked meal that we just sit and eat at the dining room table. I wonder if all these activities are just too much?

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