Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Laser Hair Removal?

Within the last couple of months we've allowed Kayla to shave her legs. While you might say she's too young it seemed the right thing to do especially since she's been teased by lots of other kids about the hair on her legs. Well, last night we're sitting in the car and Kayla tells me she needs to shave her legs. I remind her that I told her once she started to do that it needs to become a regular habit. She says yes unless you have laser hair removal. I told her that that wouldn't be happening. She says yes mom you'd have to get it first. I laughed. She said, "Mom wouldn't it be cool if Santa brought us both coupons to get laser hair removal done then you could enjoy the shower longer." To which I replied, "Yes it would be nice but I think your Dad would be mad when he always has to take a cold shower."

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