Monday, March 12, 2007

OMS Mourns

This has been a sad year at Osborne Middle School. Two young, (41 and 42)wonderful and talented 8th grade teachers died this year. Both of which have touched us in some way.

First was Mr. Murphy on Halloween. Kayla was his daughter's bus buddy last year when she started Kindergarten and Logan was in his son Patrick's preschool class. The day of the funeral mass for Mr. Murphy all the kids were asking Patrick what he was going to do without a Dad. Logan said, "Patrick can share my Dad."

Last Wednesday, Diane Overton, passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism. When Phil asked her if she knew Mrs. Overton when she arrived at school that afternoon, Kayla replied "Yes we're best buds." She was heart broken when she found out she had passed away.

I am just amazed at the tributes that students have written or things they have done to show how much Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Overton meant to them. I know right now they're looking down from heaven on all their "extra children" and smiling. I hope that when it's my turn to go I've made that much of a difference in other people's lives. So I ask that you thank your childrens' teachers for all they do for your kids and remind your loved ones how much you love them because you never know when you will go to meet God.

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