Monday, March 26, 2007

Painful Lesson Learned

Okay - just thought I'd share the not so smart thing I decided to do today. It's the first week I've felt well in a while and so I decided to start back up on my walking regime today. Well I had my tennis shoes at work (I wore sandals) but had no socks. That's okay I said to myself if I tie my shoes tight enough it will be fine. WRONG! Fifteen minutes into my walk (which I had hoped would last 45 minutes but lasted only 30 minutes) I had a bleeding blister on my left foot. I had to walk out the pain the last 15 minutes since I had no other way to get back given the fact that I left my magic fairy dust at home. So to all you walkers out there if you don't have socks then just skip the walk that day.

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