Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Great Big Sister

Kayla deserves the award for greatest big sister ever after Friday night. She and I returned home from the Girl Scout Troop Christmas Party and she agreed to sit with the boys while Phil and I ran to Kohls to do some shopping (we had $20 in Kohls cash and an extra 15% off coupon). Just as Phil and I were about to leave we hear some crying coming from Alex's bed. He had just gotten sick. I said well we can shop in the morning - the coupon and cash would still be good. We ended up getting him all cleaned up and Kayla said that she could watch him - he'd be fine. We debated and we asked Alex if that was okay and he said he was feeling better.

So Phil and I leave for Kohl's and we knew we wouldn't be gone too long. We're in the store 15 minutes and get a call from Kayla saying that Alex had been sick again but she caught it all in a bucket. What a great sister is that? Needless to say we hurried up paid and came home to relieve Kayla.

We're proud of you Kayla.