Monday, December 29, 2008

A Christmas Adventure

You don't realize how much you enjoy having more than one bathroom until you're down to just one with a house full of guests. On the 23rd we noticed that the toilet in the bathroom was leaking. Phil figured it was leaking at the bolts where the toilet bowl and the tank connect. So on Christmas Eve he went to Home Depot got some sealant to fix it. Well it turned out that wasn't the problem. There was a small crack in the toilet bowl that was causing the leak.

So the water was turned off for Christmas day. The day after Christmas we went shopping for a new toilet. Luckily we found one that was inexpensive and that took up less space in the small bathroom where it resides. It even uses less water per flush. Have to like that. Phil was able to install it all by himself and it looks great.

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