Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Never Ending Trip to Visit the Magical Lights

This year we decided that we would go to the Lake Lanier's Magical Lights display and perhaps visit the holiday village. We've lived here five years and had never been. What better time to go see the lights then when Grandma, Mom and Tony are in town or so we thought... Tony was set to arrive around 5 p.m. that would give us plenty of time to meet up and go to see the lights. Well unfortunately his plane was delayed an hour and fifteen minutes. Phil took the boys with him to pick up Tony so the rest of us could stay home and do some wrapping.

We set to meet up with them (at a fast food chain that per mom's GPS was on the right hand side of the road - which it clearly was not) at about 7:20 p.m. It took them 40 minutes just to get to the top of the exit ramp and us to get that far as well. I guess the 23rd of December isn't the best night to go see the lights. :) We switched meeting locales to a restaurant on the right side of the road. Ran in for a potty break and Tony and Logan each got a drink (this will be important later). We were just 2 miles away from the lights. I think they needed time estimate signs at each of the mile markers (if you're here turn around go home and come back another day).

Well we'd been sitting for about an hour and a half (with at least a 1/2 mile or more to go)and Logan announces he has to pee. Well there wasn't anywhere for him to stop and go on the side of the road (businesses and houses line the road to the park). Tony pipes up and says he can pee in his cup it's empty. Of course Phil is in the front seat and Grandma is sitting next to him. So it's up to me to catch the pee. Keep in mind that it's pitch black and we're moving slowly. Logan almost filled an entire medium McDonald's cup with pee.

Since we were moving slowly Phil did dump it out the car. Of course the rest of the night we noticed pee cups left in the middle of the road and saw others dumping theirs out the window.

We did make it to the lights and it was worth seeing. There was the twelve days of Christmas, Santa's workshop, Teddy Bear Land, Disney theme, and animal park. However, we didn't get home until close to 1 a.m. by the time we picked up the car and ran through McDonald's for a snack (Phil went with out because he forgot to order Logan's cheeseburger).

I'm dying to watch the video that mom took of that festive night.

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