Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling Like A Queen

I was already ready feeling really good after having my holiday lunch date with Logan at school yesterday but when all the kids got home I felt like a queen. Since I had some free time after having lunch with Logan I decided to put up the Christmas lights on the front porch (white lights with a long strand of blue snowflake lights). I also was going to try to hang up the icicle lights on the garage but alas even with a ladder I was height deprived. Then I found some really pretty foam snowflakes and put them up all over the garage doors and on the siding and on the front porch windows. I thought it looked nice.

Then when the kids came home I could hear them saying "Cool. Mom we love you!" Apparently my light display was a hit and I felt like a queen.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

How sweet! And such a wonderful mother you are for doing that. I bet it looks fantastic!

lisaschaos said...

Great! It's always neat to make the kiddos happy, even if it lasts but a moment. You go girl!