Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kipper's First Adventure

This morning we woke up to Kipper's first adventure. (I didn't take pictures because Logan was sick with the same stomach bug that Kayla and Alex had.) Kipper decided that he would gather up some of the kids stuffed animal friends and have a game night. In Kayla's room he set up a game of cards. In Logan and Alex's room he set up a child's gamer's paradise.

Kipper was playing checkers with the Sock Monkey. The Reindeer was playing on the Leapster. The puppy, the frogs, the bunny, Goofy and Bert were playing a round of Michigan football with the boys football figurine game. It looked like they played some Memory and Junior Yahtzee before that because the boxes were on the floor.

I wonder what he'll do tonight?

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