Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kayla is Growing Up Too Fast

Last weekend we did some school clothes shopping since it was a tax free weekend here in Georgia. As we did that Kayla has moved up into the Junior sizes! Of course that gives you more fashion choices but even we're still picky. She tried on a few shirts that while they looked cute on the hanger they were a bit too revealing when she tried them on! I anticipate this is going to be a year of change for Kayla especially when it comes to clothes. I'm pretty sure she'll tell me I can't pick out clothes for anymore. That will be a sad day.

On a positive note she's been babysitting the boys this week and is doing a wonderful job! You know she's doing a good job when Alex just rambles on and on about the fun things she did with them. If you need a sitter Kayla is definitely a good one!


lisaschaos said...

Kids grow too too fast and then they move out and your house gets empty and . . .can you tell that I'm down to only one at home now? :(

Stephanie, Phil, Kayla, Logan & Alex said...

We experienced a week without our oldest and I can only imagine that that's how strange it will feel when she leaves for college and beyond.