Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day Of School Report

It's now day 3 for the kids being back to school. Where did the summer go? The kids all reported that they had great first days of school.

Logan talked most about the fact that Kindergartners weren't allowed to play on the monkey bars because they fall and break their arms but in first grade they can play on them. He also talked about puzzles.

Alex talked about doing centers and is favorite center was the music center. He also really enjoyed playing outside and sleeping.

Kayla said she loved all of her teachers and loved being back in school. She tells us she wants to join band so that she can learn to play an instrument.

I'm pretty sure they'll all remain excited about school at least for the rest of this school year.

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lisaschaos said...

Those first couple of weeks of school are always grand for the kids and for moms, who now can find a little alone time. :)