Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Alex!

Happy Birthday Alex today you turn 4. It seems just like yesterday (I know how cliche)that you were born. I remember having to ask the doctor twice how much you weighed because everyone thought you were going to be 10 pounds but you turned out to be just over 7 pounds. You were a good baby. You were actually the first of all the kids to actually get to room in with me at the hospital. I remember the excitement of holding you for the first time and how excited everyone else was to hold you too (Dad, Kayla, Logan, and the rest of the family). You've grown quite a bit in the past four years. We enjoy all your funny "Alexisms."

On the last night of being three you told me, "Three year olds can't sleep by themselves." I wonder if that means we don't get to lay with you tonight before bed now that you're 4. We hope you're 4th birthday is as special as you are. We love you. Happy Birthday!

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