Friday, February 22, 2008

We Don't Have Animals

Last night Alex and I had an interesting phone conversation as I laid with him before bed. The conversation went as follows:

Alex: Mom, will you stay with me when Daddy dies?

Me: Yes I will but Daddy isn't going to die for a long time.

Alex: I don't want to die.

Me: You aren't going to die for a long time either. Humans live for a long time. Animals don't live as long.

Alex: We don't have animals.

Me: Yes we do. What is Montana?

Alex: A dog.

Me: A dog is an animal.

Alex: No a dog is a dog.

Me: What about the cats?

Alex: Cats are cats.

Me: What about the geckos?

Alex: Geckos are lizards.

Enough said. We don't have animals.

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