Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweetness for Valentines Day

With our crazy schedules who knew if we were going to experience much sweetness on Valentines Day but I think that we did. Everyone woke up in a pretty good mood. No one had any major issues during the day. When Phil picked up the boys they were super sweet to each other. Alex gave Logan a piece of candy and said it was because Logan was his Valentine. Logan gave Alex a big heart that said I love you because Alex was his Valentine. Kayla had a great Thai Boxing class and shared some of her chocolates with me.

Phil (with advice from Kayla and the Jeweler) bought me a beautiful diamond necklace with three diamonds that represent the past, present and the future. (On an aside note: Logan told Phil in the morning that they needed to go to the story and get me a heart necklace with sparkles on it. Boy Logan you're going to be a great husband some day. :) ) Phil also straightened up the living room (to me that's gift enough) and gave me a beautiful rose.

Even though we didn't have a romantic dinner (we had homewreckers and cokes from Sams) it was a beautiful romantic day full of sweetness.

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