Friday, February 8, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

And so it begins the calm before the storm. What's that you ask? Well we're about to be in the stage of we actually have a house that we live in? Next week starts the beginning of baseball season (yes you read it right baseball) and both boys will be playing. Phil is coaching Alex's team again and this season they'll be the Pirates (we tried to get the Cubs but it was taken and our parents wanted something besides the Tigers). About 1/2 or so of the kids that Phil coached last season will be returning to his team this season. It will be interesting to watch them grow. That means Wednesday night practices and Saturday 8:20 a.m. games. Hope it's not too chilly.

Then Logan will be having his practices and we're not sure when yet. They're still working on picking out teams (I think). But that will likely mean that the first 3 weeks of practice will mean practices twice a week until the first game on March 8th.

Plus Kayla is still doing Thai Boxing twice a week. Then there's religious ed every Tuesday night and Girl Scouts. Don't forget the Girl Scout troop Savannah, GA trip in March plus cookie booth sales.

Did I mention that we have birthday party invites for the next two weekends? Or that Phil's Master Classes start back up in the middle of March and that's two nights a week? I'm not sure we'll see much of our house until maybe May? At least that means we won't be sitting around watching the Boob Tube that much and the kids will be getting some much needed exercise. As for Phil and I - you may have to visit us in the insane asylum when it's all said and done.

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