Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can I Call A Mulligan On The Week?

I'd like to call a mulligan on the week and go back to Saturday if that's possible? Does it ever seem like no matter what you do you keep getting hit with a string of bad luck? We just spent a decent amount of money fixing my car so that it was truly safe to drive (new brakes, tires and fixing a tie rod issue) on Friday. Money well spent. Well on Sunday on the way home from the Mall (We should have listened to Alex's request to go to the bookstore perhaps he's psychic.) we were in a fender bender with the van. This was just added to the $1200 we spent to make Montana well (money that I'm not complaining about) and that our heat pump is out (thank goodness for the fire place) it just wasn't a good time.

However, I'm choosing to take the positive spin on everything:

1. Montana got ill so we would appreciate and love him more.

2. The heat pump went out so we'd appreciate modern technology and make more use
out of our warm blankets.

3. The car was fixed so that we would have a reliable vehicle to drive after the
van accident on Sunday.

4. We got in an accident on Sunday so that Phil's endoscope would show that he didn't have any major damage to his stomach, no ulcers and no stomach cancer only esophagitis.

Hopefully these events are the last for the rest of the year. Not sure I can continue to put a positive to spin on more large ticket items.

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