Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Van

Well having our Kia Sedona fixed was not in the cards for us. Due to the amount of damage (which doesn't look as bad in the photos) under the hood the cost to repair it is too close to the market value of the vehicle. So the Kia Sedona has been deemed totalled. So yesterday I went and cleaned out all the rest of our belongings from the van and put it in the trunk of the car. That night we went out and found a replacement vehicle (With three kids involved in all sorts of activities we need two vehicbles). We ended up with a 2002 Chevy Venture. It has a few more bells and whistles than before but the nice thing is it has a roof rack, which will make long distant trips more bearable because things can go up on top. This also seats 8 instead of 7 and according to the salesman has 16 cup holders. Although to me that means 16 holes we'll have to clean spills out from. It's not as slick body but I think it will be a good fit for us.

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