Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer Vacation Has Begun For All

Summer vacation has begun for every one but me. :( Friday was Phil's last day of work until the beginning of August. He's now home everyday with the kids.

Of course come summer vacation comes extra animals at home. We now have 2 geckos and an iguana in addition to our 2 cats and our dog. Now the geckos live in 10 galloon tanks - one in each of the kids rooms but the iguana lives outside in a brand new PVC pipe with plastic mesh around it. So it's like having our own zoo without having to pay the price of admission.

So far the days home with the kids (okay only 2 so far) haven't been that bad. Let's see yesterday Logan broke his water globe tball trophy from his first season of tball and Alex decided to use the outside as his toilet which Phil subsequently stepped in and by 4 p.m. Phil was ready to use Katara's cage as a house for the boys. The night got better and the boys played outside on the trampoline and in the pool along with Kayla and her friend Emma.

Today Phil is venturing out on his own to go the Suwanee Park Water Fountain to let the kids enjoy some water play outside and have a picnic lunch. I'm sure he'll come home with some interesting stories to share.

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