Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Do I Do Too Much?

Today I'm pondering if I just do too much and stretch myself too thin. Every once in a while I think I do. All I really want is the kids to be happy well rounded individuals. Not that I want them doing so much they don't know what day it is that's for sure. I want to participate in their activities, as much as I can working full time. However,that doesn't leave much time for me time or Phil and I alone time. Our schedule (which should lighten soon) consists of Phil's class MOndays with Kayla also having gymnastics, Tuesdays are religious ed night, Wednesday is Phil's choir practice, Thursday is Logan's tball practice (Phil coaches), every other Friday is Girl Scouts and Saturdays are Logan's tball games. That leaves Sunday (with church).

That doesn't count all the things that we do in between times. For example, I'm the scrapbook mom for Kayla's girl scout troop. I have personally glued in excess of 300 photos for their scrapbooks that need to be done by May 20th. I have 500 more photos being delivered. It takes a long time but the girls really do enjoy looking at all the things they've done over the year.

Do I do too much? Maybe, maybe not.

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