Friday, May 4, 2007

Hair Beads Don't Belong In Your Nose?

What is this photo? A most interesting story follows but I will say that this does not belong in the nose.

Well, we finally got one of those - please not my kids - phone calls. Today Logan was feeling a bit adventurous at preschool. He decided that he would see how far a plastic bead would go up his nose. The daycare workers tried as they may to remove the bead from his nose. They tried to get my snot sniffler to blow his nose (well that doesn't happen).

The daycare was unable to reach me and called Phil because they couldn't get it out of his nose. Phil drove to the daycare to try to get it out himself. He tried but Logan wouldn't hold still enough and it was too far up to get anything around it. Now he had to take him to the professionals - the doctors.

After getting a sub to take his class for the rest of the day, Phil took Logan to the pediatricians office. They go back to the patient room and instead of the doctor doing all the work - Phil did all the work. They plugged the side that didn't have any obstruction and Phil put his mouth over him and blew and out shot the bead(see the photo above).

The results? A slighty bloody nose. Was a lesson learned by Logan? Only time will tell.

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