Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Plane Photo of Me

Normally you'll never see photos of me on the blog or rarely if ever see photos of myself. Why? Besides not liking having my picture taking I'm usually the one behind the camera taking the photos. I had to work last weekend and while it keeps me busy I still get to have a little fun. I took one of the members (whom I also consider a friend) over to PDK Airport. My friend owns his own plane so I got to go out on the Tarmac and see it. It was cool even though I didn't get to take a ride (I had to get back to work and he needed to head home). I remember going to the airport to watch planes with my Grandpa but it's surreal to go on the tarmac to see someone's plane.

Here's proof of the plane and me being at the airport. It was a cool six seater plane.


Silver said...

thanks for sharing! I finally managed to get online!! Lovoey photo!

lisaschaos said...

*waving* I'm like you and prefer to be behind the camera. Love the plane, looks like a nice one! I've only been in 2 or 4 seaters. :)