Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last Game Cubs vs. Astros

What a great last game to end the season for the Cubs today. It was probably one of the best games they've had all season. Each member of the team was baseball ready, there was no crying about who hit when (a common occurrence when they are 3 and 4), and they had a good time. Alex hit one off the pitch. We had one player (Ben) when he came up to bat point his bat to where the home run was going to be hit. We laughed and laughed - I wish I had videotaped the game. All the kids slid into home when they ran in. Jake was doing great a first and was good at stopping the ball. All in all a great game. The game ball was given to Assistant Coach David. It was a most deserving game ball. We're going to miss the families of this team. What a great season! Go Cubs! GRRRRRRRRR!!!

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