Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enjoy the Rain

We all should learn to enjoy the rain just like children. Yesterday we had lots of much needed rain but as I got to the daycare to pick up Alex I dreaded getting out of the car because it was raining quite hard and I didn't want to get soaked.

I go inside to get Alex and we run to the car through more pouring rain. Alex gets in the car and then I get in the car. Alex exclaims, "That was Awesome!"

He's right running through the rain is awesome!

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lisaschaos said...

Rain? Yuck, I hate rain, totally, like absolutely, hate it. Just wanna stay inside when it rains. But guess what, a few days ago we got our bikes out (first time all summer) and while we were riding it began to lightly rain and you know, it wasn't so bad. By the time we got home we were pretty wet but I actually enjoyed myself. :)