Monday, April 9, 2007

Miss Nina's Last Day

Friday was the last day for Logan's favorite teacher, Miss Nina. Of course being Spring Break and all the kids were home with Phil (and me) but we made sure to take him in for the last day celebration. It's very sad that Miss Nina is leaving the teaching profession. It's not often that you can say someone truly has a gift to work with children but that definitely holds true for Miss Nina. We hope someday she returns to teaching. I have to say the favorite part of that day was listening to Miss Nina sing "Respect" with the kids. It really makes me wish I had brought in the video camera.

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uniqueability said...

I just wanted to say Thank you for your comments and your love. I miss the kids sooooo much! I see that they are doing great and that makes me smile. YOu guys are great parents and you shall reap what you sow. I went by the daycare recently to visit the children but Logan was already home for the summer. I have something for him though. I am planning sometime this summer to have a Pre-3 party and all the kids are in invited. I will keep you updated. For now...please give Logan my love and tell him hes UNFORGETTABLE!