Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why It's A Good Idea to Charge Your Cell Phone

I've somehow misplaced my cell phone. I know it's in the kitchen somewhere because I could hear it beeping Sunday night as it screamed plug me in and charge me. When I went to get it Monday morning from the place I thought I left it (the kitchen table) it was no where to be found. Of course had I charged it while it was beeping I would have at least been able to call it and trace the ring until I found out. Instead I've been hopelessly looking for it each night. Keep your fingers crossed I find it tonight (No it's not in the dirty clothes being washed - we already checked there).

UPDATE: Well it turns out the phone wasn't in the kitchen or at least not anymore. The phone was in my purse the whole time. Of course I did look in my purse. Apparently that means I need to desperately clean out my purse.

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