Thursday, September 11, 2008

Game Two - Twins vs. Cubs

Tonight was the second game of the season for the Twins Tball team. Despite the young age of the team they did quite well tonight. Little Josh in the outfield made some great throws into circle to Logan. Way to go Josh - you deserved the game ball! Logan had a hit off the pitch tonight and had some great throws from circle to first base. He was so excited to play circle for the entire game! He did a great job - now only if the Coach can convice them all to stop playing in the dirt.

The score? Well the Twins lost 17-16 but that's okay - the kids listened and had a great time playing. Get some rest Twins - the next game is Saturday!

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Silver said...

Tball... aww that's too cute! (I used to chew on my glove in the outfield in t-ball, I wonder if my kids will do the same! :))