Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't Grow Up So Fast

You never truly realize how fast kids grow until you have children of your own. Sure you see it with the kids of your friends and family but you don't truly experience it unless it's your own child. This past week I have seen how much Kayla has really grown. It's hard to believe that just ten years ago she was experiencing her very first Christmas at six months.

Now we're having conversations about how hard it is to grow up and how sometimes friends aren't always as nice as they should be. To top that list of growing pains off it finally came time to tell her who Santa really is. We didn't force her to find out but she was ready to know as she asked some questions about it. But I think she's enjoyed the last ten years of believing in Santa. Plus Santa isn't just a person it's really part of the spirit of giving which really relates back to the birth of Jesus.

It's hard to watch your kids grow but I'm looking forward to experiencing the next stage of growth in Kayla's life as she turns more and more into a beautiful young lady. We love you sweetie.

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