Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Transformers - More Than Meets the Eyes

On Saturday night the whole family went to see the movie Transformers with some free tickets. (A special shout out to Mrs. Sessions for making that possible.) We weren't sure if Alex would make it through the whole 2 1/2 hour movie but he did.

The movie was full of action and fast moving. Logan thought it was even cooler than Spiderman 3 (we saw that at the IMAX!). Logan sat next to me during the movie and I got to hear all the exciting comments he made during the movie. All the that's cool! and that's Optimus Prime and that's Bumblebee. I have that decepticon.

Even Alex liked it, in fact after the movie all he would say was "I loved that movie." Of course the rest of us (Phil, Kayla and myself) all gave it a big thumbs up as well. We were glad to have experienced it in the theaters and will definitely add it to our dvd collection.

If you haven't seen the Transformers yet you should. As it says in their theme song - "Transformers - more than meets the eyes." That is definitely true!

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