Monday, February 2, 2009

A Meeting and Visiting With Friends

Being gone from family for 8 days to attend meetings (although they think I just go out and drink glasses of wine all the time) is a drag it sure is nice when I get to mix a little pleasure with my trip.

On Thursday afternoon/night I got to spend some time with Jenny and Seth! We took a nice long walk to the Water Tower to visit the American Girl store for Lindsey and then made a stop at the Hershey Store (I was good and bought nothing!) where Seth got to be a factory worker and get some chocolate. Of course we had to stop at the Lego store. Seth did such a great job walking all that way. I was tired and I'm 30 something or other so he did great! Unfortunately they had to go back on Friday and I had to go to work.

On Sunday I got to go out and visit with my good friends/old neighbors and enjoyed some wonderful food. I got to go to my favorite hot dog dig - Frankly Yours for a Chicago dog. Then Jeff, who caters (free plug - check his website out on the side bar) made me a delcious dinner of scallops (with a yummy ginger sauce), asparagus,a salad and delicious bread pudding! Not to mention being sweet and making a carrot cake for me to take back and share with my friends. (And providing me with veggies and fruit which always seem to be in short supply on these trips.)Delaine was so sweet to sit and smell the food while she was fighting the stomach bug. Their boys have grown so much in the 3 years it's been since I've seen them.

Visiting with friends made the trip worthwhile and I'll have to post the photos (the few I took) tomorrow.

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Soralis said...

Sounds like a great visit!