Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Exciting Plans in the Works

Logan loves to watch the American Gladiators (he calls them the American Alligators) every week. He's decided that he and Phil are going to build some of the apparatus that they use on the show. One is a basketball game where you're hooked to bungie cords and you bounce up and make baskets. Or the other one is a pull back game where you're hooked to a bungie cord and you try to pull as hard as you can to the opposite side and make the gladiator holding the cord fly into the air.

Logan has decided that he and Phil will be the Gladiators and the rest of us can compete against them. I'll be interested to see what "plans" are made while I'm in Salt Lake City attending a meeting.

1 comment:

Zella said...

Well Mom,
I am not promising anything but i would like the basketball thing.