Friday, July 20, 2007

An Accident With Clean Up

Phil and the kids were getting ready to come meet last night to get the van fixed when a strange event occurred.

Logan and Kayla: Dad! Alex's pants are wet!
Phil: Alex, did you pee your pants?
Logan: No Dad he pooped his pants.
(Sound of Phil walking up the kitchen stairs.)
Phil: Alex did you poop your pants? Upstairs!
Alex: Daddy, I'm sorry.

Phil checks Alex's pants. They are indeed wet. But not poopy. Trying to be a big boy Alex took off the pants, rinsed them in the toilet and then put them back on soaking wet. Phil takes him to change his clothes and sees toilet paper all over the bathroom floor where Alex tried to wipe up the toilet water. There was no poop in his underwear. He was just trying to clean up.

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